Our nature is
to transform

We believe that investments in Water and Wastewater through partnerships are the
key to promote human development.

Water and Wastewater is
our expertise

We support states and municipalities in their transformation journey created by the new
regulatory framework provisions, which set the universalization of water and wastewater services by 2033.

People are
our priority

We map the needs of each region to structure investments, enhance
public services and generate effective results for people.

What We Do

More than a company,
we are an integrator of solutions
and partnerships in Water and Wastewater sector.

  • Development
    needs of a
    city or region

    • Project development and studies
    • Partnership integration
    • Investments and financing structuring
    • Operation with excellence
  • Water and Wastewater
    solutions that transform

Our nature is to transform.
Making it happen is our differential.

Water and Wastewater projects structuring, aiming to optimize investments and maximize benefits for the region served.

Partnership selection and integration for the project success and its operation, boosting investment return.

Public service operation, always applying a rigorous management system focused on efficiency and sustainability.

Who We Are

Cristalina combines the personal purpose and market expertise of its founders to offer concrete and effective water and wastewater solutions.

Yves Besse

Reference in water and wastewater

Daniela Pinho

Corporate finance, sustainability and investor relations

Sérgio Bovo


Vincent Menu

Projects and Data Intelligence

Yves Besse

Reference in water and wastewater

Daniela Pinho

Corporate finance, sustainability and investor relations

Sérgio Bovo


Vincent Menu

Projects and Data Intelligence

Our differentials

Experience and specialist knowledge

Professionals with recognized track records in both public and private organizations, in Brazil and internationally.

Real solutions for local needs

Our projects combine technical excellence, regulatory compliance and
effective results for all stakeholders.

Commitment to sustainable development.

We operate in accordance with the new regulatory framework of the sector, alongside with
social, environmental and governance assumptions.


To be an inspiration and benchmark in water and wastewater solutions with a positive impact on people’s lives, based on social, environmental and financial return for all stakeholders, by 2030.


Solutions in Water and Wastewater

We are transformation integrators. We select and integrate effective partnerships. In each area, we seek the best partners to structure and operate the projects.


Follow the news of our transformation journey.

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